Purity Seals

The purity seal is a somewhat distinct mark in the Imperium of the 40k universe. They are awarded by Space Marine Chaplains to brother marines as blessings. I also see them as awards given to those worthy enough; those people who perform great feats, or serve the Emperor moreso than your average citizen. These are easy and fun to make.

  • There are many different ways to sculpt these seals. As you can see, I've used simple modelling clay for one, and Super Sculpy for two others. The first thing I do is to make a ball of material about 1" or so in diameter. On a smooth surface; I find the lids to juice concentrate containers very useful; center the ball and flatten it out. The metal lids I just mentioned are nice to use for several reasons. They are just the right size of a typical seal, they are flat, and since they are metal, you can bake the Sculpy right on them.

  • Once you have your pancake, the rest is pretty straightfoward. Scoop out the center of the pancake and build a ridge along the edge. Now, just choose the design of your seal and go for it. The first one I did was a typical skull purity seal. The skull represents the Emperor and his great deeds, and that, even in near-death, he protects. The second seal is an Inquisitorial seal. I sculpted the =][= design, and was left with a pair of blank portions on the seal. I sculpted a small skull to the left of the =][=, and decided on a maltese cross on the right. The third seal is a simple maltese cross. I figure it can stand for something along the lines of Terminator Honours, or proof of a great warrior.

  • The plan now is to make a mold of each of these, and to cast them in plastic resin.

  • Below, you can see the painted seals. I used a flat black primer coat follwed by a gloss red, to lend a waxen feel to them. To see these on a finished costume, check out my Inquisitor costumes.

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