Zelda: Ocarina of Time

These are a few costumes I made for Homecoming at college. The theme was gaming, and I came up with the idea idea of doing Ocarina of Time. As was the typical fashion, the Gamer's Guild went along with it, but I didn't garner any credit. These costumes weren't too bad considering they cost next to nothing. That's me as Ganondorf; The shoulders are just corrugated plastic layered in foam rubber and covered in black cloth. The sword is just 3/4" blue insulation foam laminated between the same corrugated plastic as the shoulders, wrapped in 2" masking tape and painted. The tape saved me from having to do any filling and sanding. The Darunia "hair" is a plastic frame laid up with cut sections of foam rubber. Darunia's hands are just "The Thing" toy fists. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory; the Zora headpeice is foam rubber and cloth, the bomb is a rubber ball, tuna fish can, and string.

Ganondorf Ganondorf and Zora with Bomb
Darunia and Goron Darunia