Warhammer 40k Space Marine Armor

Please read and understand the following before browsing through the following pages. This Space Marine armor is based off Games Workshop's Intellectual Property. I claim no responsibility for the original conceptual work for this costume, as it pertains to the overall appearance. All work is done by myself for my own use. Please do not approach me asking me to sell you a set of this armor, as that is illegal. In fact, any site that offers to sell you armor like this is breaking the law, and should be reported to Games Workshop immediately. If you have a question to ask, feel free, as I like helping others do their own thing. The "tutorials" in the following sections are not step-by-step instructions, but merely blurbs about things I have done. If you can't understand the methods I used to make this costume, I suggest you do not attempt it, as I have spent a good deal of money developing my molds and have spent many, many hours, although relaxing and enjoyable, on the development and construction of this costume. And for God-Emperor's sake, if you are going to attempt properly wearable and scaled Space Marine armor, DO NOT scale from a typical mini. Buy a ForgeWorld 150mm Marine and use that instead.

To see more in-depth steps in how I go about sculpting and making a mold, start here.

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