Warhammer 40k Space Marine Sniper Scout

This is a costume I wore to Megacon 2005 in Orlando. This costume, by my current standards, sucked, but it wasn't awful. The best part of this costume was definitely the sniper rifle, but the goggles weren't too bad. My biggest disappointment is in the chest plate. I should have worked on it harder than I did, so I will admit, Jack was right. The shoulder pads came out ok, but as the convention progressed, the straps pulled loose from the foam, and got chipped. Please note that these photos were taken at the end of the convention, so things have already started falling off. This just goes to enforce the fact that if you want your costume to look nice and last, DON'T RUSH IT!!

Left Side Front Right Side

Below are post-construction photos of my Space Marine Scout Sniper Rifle. The body of the rifle is 2" blue insulation foam, with the angles wire-cut out of the blank. I then sandwiched foamcore on the outside of the blank for a nice, smooth surface. The barrel and silencer are just PVC and a bit of plasticard, and the same goes for the support under the barrel. The barrel was recessed about 2" into the front of the blank. This was the one huge mistake on this prop. The barrel was so heavy that I had to essentially support it the entire day. Even with that, the barrel came loose. The scope is also just PVC pipe and fittings, with the top of a vending machine egg as a lens. This scope was pinned to the top of the body with some scrap metal tubing. The stock was just cut from two layers of ¾" blue foam, and pinned and glued to the back of the body. The grip is just a cheap handle meant for spray cans, and the power cell is just an empty pill bottle.

The gun was sprayed all black, and the ends of the scope were painted dark red. The barrel and details got a spray of silver, and gold was applied to the skull. A few coats of Satin clearcoat, and it was done.

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